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Young Living Premium Starter Kit  

When we first signed up as a wholesale member we purchased the Premium Starter Kit with the Dewdrop diffuser.  You can read more about how we started with Young Living HERE🙂  I highly recommend either the Dewdrop or Rainstone diffuser.  Purchasing a starter kit is the most cost effective way to start your journey as most people start this way.  The kit retails for over $300 but by signing up as a wholesale member, you are able to purchase the kit for only $160-that’s nearly 50% off!  Becoming a wholesale member also allows you to receive 24% off retail pricing on any future orders (you are not obligated to order again however, I have a feeling that won’t be the case).  The Premium Starter Kit includes eleven 5ml essential oils, ten sample packets, two Ningxia Red pouches (whole body supplement), one roller top, sharing cards, literature and diffuser of your choice.  If you would like to order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit then click HERE (Towards the bottom of the page you will find step by step instructions for signing up through the link:)

Anyone that orders with my link as a new wholesale member with the Premium Starter Kit will get my personal support as your leader, a pocket reference book to get started and support from our private Facebook community. The reference book is packed full of information on the different oils and what to use them for. I would love for you to join our oil family today! 

Choose Your Diffuser

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Dewdrop $160             Home $160              Rainstone $205                          Aria $260

Starter Kit Oils



DiGize is a great oil for supporting the digestive system.  Add a drop to your water and drink before/after a meal or take internally using a veggie capsule.



Peppermint  may support performance during exercise and help to soothe sore muscles. Add a drop to your water to promote healthy bowel function and support gastrointestinal comfort. 



Thieves helps to support a healthy respiratory system and helps to maintain overall wellness.  Add a drop of Thieves along with three drops orange to 1 cup hot water, milk, and honey to taste to enjoy Thieves Wellness Tea!



Copiaba promotes overall wellness and supports nearly every system in the body.  



Diffuse Lemon to freshen the air or add a drop to your water for a gentle detox.



Apply PanAway after exercise to soothe muscles. 



Lavendar is known as the “Swiss army knife” of essential oils because of its many uses. Diffuse to support relaxation or add a few drops to a nighttime bath. Lavender is also a top oil for healthy skin support.



R. C. supports a healthy respiratory system and contains Eucalyptol. Apply to chest and feet to encourage comfort. 



Diffuse Purification to eliminate odors. Use in a spray to enjoy an annoyance free outdoor experience. Apply to any facial blemishes to support healthy skin.



Frankincense is one of the top skin oils and helps to smooth the appearance of skin. Diffuse during prayer to help with grounding and purpose.  Frankincense was one of the oils given to Christ and has over 10,000 uses. 


Stress Away

Stress Away promotes wellness and is one of the top emotion oils.


Step by Step Ordering Instructions

  • Follow the link here:
  • Select Wholesale Member Option: This is the best way to sign up and the most cost effective.  You are getting over $300 worth of product for only $160, member pricing on any future orders (24% off), Essential Rewards exclusive kits and discounted shipping.  
  • Make sure that my number (3736727) shows up in BOTH the Sponser ID and Enroller ID fields.
  • If you decide to join the optional Essential Rewards monthly program to earn free products with points back, then select the next package you would like to receive. You can cancel and change your Essential Rewards order anytime but you will want to make sure you use your points before you cancel so you don’t lose them. Click HERE to learn more about ER! Our family absolutely loves it and earn tons of free products this way.  Complete all of the fields, read over terms and conditions and signup a username, password, and pin number.  
  • Choose your Premium Starter Kit (note the price will depend on the diffuser you select).
  • Fill in your email address. This is how I will be able to send you extra resources and add you to our private FB support groups:)
  • Add any other products that you would like to order (I would recommend Cedarwood for sleep support-everyone can use a good night’s sleep right?) and complete your transaction.
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